Tax Notice and Tax Audit Services in Lahore, Pakistan

Income Tax Notice / Rectification of Tax Returns Services in Pakistan

If you have filed an incorrect Tax return or/and received a Tax notice from Income Tax Department, don’t panic we at Tax Care here to help you and sort out your issues.

In case you are getting a Notice from Income Tax Department: It may be possible that some of the information is missing while submitting you Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement that information could be a part of your Income or Tax Deductions. It is also possible that being a Non Filer you have purchased a motor Vehicle or Property which comes under the knowledge of Tax Department.

If you are getting observe that you have submit your Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement or you have received the Notice from Tax Department then you can contact Tax Care for Expert opinion which will definitely be helpful in getting your problem resolved.

Tax Audit Assistance in Pakistan

Tax system operating in Pakistan on the basis of self assessment which provide freedom to taxpayer making voluntary compliances on the basis of their available information and documentation. Tax Audit is effective instrument of Federal Board of Revenue under which Department monitored all the compliances of Taxpayers which are made during the Financial Year. Tax Audits are conducted to analyse the Taxpayer Compliances either Taxpayer has determined his Tax liability on the actual basis and deposit the same in Govt Treasury. In this connection Federal Board of Revenue has established a central risk based and automated Tax Audit Management System (TAMS) which helps department to get the actual pictures of Tax Payer compliances and deposit of their Tax liability.

Taxpayer’s selection for Audit is made through an automated balloted process under which multiple information and parameters are being used to take out the transparent picture of the Taxpayer.

Commissioner may call for books and records of Taxpayer under the Income Tax ordinance, 2001 within six years of the Tax Year under which Tax Return is filed. After gathering all the information during the audit and attaining taxpayer’s clarification on all the relevant issues raised during the Tax audit, issue an audit report containing audit observations and findings.

If Commissioner is not satisfied with Books and records produced by the Taxpayer then Order is been issued against the Taxpayer under which specific time period is been granted to Taxpayer for filing Tax Appeal.

Offenses and Penalties under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001



Section of the Income Tax Ordinance

Where a taxpayer who, without any reasonable cause, in non-compliance with provisions of Audit comes under section 177 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001



(a) Fails to Provide Documents record on receipt of first Audit Notice.

 Rs. 25000/- (twenty-five thousand rupees only)


(b) Fails to provide Documents record on

receipt of second Audit Notice

Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Rupees Only)


(c) Fails to produce the Documents record on receipt of third Audit Notice.

Rs. 100,000/- (One hundred] thousand Rupees only)


Tax Care is providing comprehensive services to Taxpayers which have issues in Compliance for their Tax Audits, Tax Appeals and Litigation.

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