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IT Company and Call Center Registration in Pakistan

Information Technology and Call Centers are playing an essential part for every organization to ensure the smooth functioning of all departments like human resources, finance, manufacturing, and security. Almost every company requires IT software and hardware to fulfill their operations requirements which arise from time to time. Manufacturing and production companies always need IT and Software products to compete with the errors or mistakes which restrict companies from getting the proper functioning of their equipment.

These Companies work according to the requirements of individuals and companies, which plays a significant role in maintaining the present and future business needs in Pakistan. Some conventional technologies which have an impact on our life in Pakistan are Technical support, Computer Programming, Call Centers, software development, Web Development, Computer System Analysis, IT Security, Network Engineering, Content management, Transaction Processing, Process Automation, Business Automation, Mobile Communication, Data mining, E-commerce, etc

Pakistan is one of those countries which are exporting IT and call center services to different countries around the world and all the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are playing an important role in the generation of foreign revenue. At present, there is a high demand for IT services and Call Centers to arise which means that Companies awareness about information technology and Call centers increasing. Pakistan is becoming the most prominent country in exporting IT and Call Center services. Due to the high demand for Information Technology and Call Centers every year, Company Registration in Pakistan is increasing.

Tax Exemption for IT Companies in Pakistan

Income derived from exports of Information Technology is exempt up to the period of 30 June 2025 in Pakistan with the condition that revenue collection from the export of IT Services in Foreign Exchange remitted from other countries through normal banking channels in Pakistan. Income derived from IT Company Services provided in the Domestic market is taxable.

Benefits of IT Company and Call Centers in Pakistan

  1. Reduced operating costs
  2. Competitive advantage Flexibility to offer support 24×7
  3. Multi-channel support on all channels like voice, chat, email, etc
  4. Increase sales and avoid lost opportunities
  5. Helps gain customer feedback
  6. Improve customer experience
  7. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency
  8. Increased Communication and Responsibility
  9. Cost Reduction and Economic Efficiencies
  10. Improved Workplace Efficiency
Company and Call Center Registration in Pakistan

Every Person chooses the best possible choice in business structure by reviewing the future circumstances and expansion requirements. There are multiple business structures like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Single Member Company (SMC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Private Limited Company. This is highly recommended to consult Professionals before the selection of any Company structure.

‘Sole Proprietorship’ renowned as a single person Business Structure, which is one of the most comfortable Business structures in Lahore and all over Pakistan. The business and the working individual are similar; as no difference found in the legal entity.

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‘Partnership’ A Partnership Firm formed under Partnership Act 1932 in Lahore under which two or more people join together to commence a business to share profit and loss. Profit and loss are divided based on a written agreement signed between the Partners, which known as Partnership Deed.

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‘Private Limited Company’ is a Legal business entity that can is started by a minimum of 2 directors. This type of Company cannot trade its shares publicly and also limited up to 50 shareholders. The liability of the owner is limited and that the shares are not saleable openly in the stock market other than the shareholders. Registration Authority of the Private Limited Company is the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and regulates under Companies Act 2017. 

If you want to look step by step guide for Private Limited Company Registration Process then check out the Guide How to Register a Private Limited Company in Pakistan?

How to Register IT Company and Call Center with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is working to provide support and growth to the IT industry of Pakistan in the local and international market and trying to make Pakistan the second most significant place in IT exports in South Asia.

Company Registration with PSEB is compulsory to attain the benefits of Tax exemption from the Income Tax Department in Pakistan.

Major Functions of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

1. Prepare strategies for development of IT industry in Pakistan

2. Enhancements and amendments in Pakistan public policy influencing IT industry

3. Registration of New IT Companies and Call Centers in Pakistan and provide them incentives and facilitation.

4. Planning and development of “Software Technology Parks" and IT Parks in all around Pakistan

5. Execution of marketing plan which helps out domestic Information Technology companies interact with Foreign IT Companies and to attract and facilitate foreign companies to establish their software houses in Pakistan.

IT Company and Call Center Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Govt of Pakistan promotes software companies for mandatory registration with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) to monitor IT remittances from abroad. This confirms that IT companies provide the best quality services as per international standards implemented through PSEB. IT companies in Pakistan are producing IT software, games and developing applications for smartphones. PSEB’s role is to promote the Pakistan IT industry in local and international markets in human capital development, research and development, strategy building, innovation and Bop services such as telemarketing, medical transcription, and technology enhancement.

Investment opportunities in IT Sector of Pakistan

Company Registration Process in Pakistan, Tax Consultants in Lahore-Tax Care

  • Gaming and Animation Studios
  • Call Centers Billing Centre
  • Company acquisitions and mergers
  • Software Development and Testing Centers
  • IT parks
  • IT Incubators, IT Training Centers, IT Consulting Centers
  • Data Centers
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Benefits of  in Pakistan

The following are the benefits for Registration of IT Companies and Call Centers with PSEB.

  1. Worldwide sponsorship for participation in upcoming IT-related Events and Exhibitions.
  2. Participation in IT-related local events in Pakistan and have to chance of meeting with foreign investors and delegates.
  3. Achievement of International certificates based on performance and target achieved in the IT industry like CMMI and ISO.
  4. Visa assistance for PSEB members Company employees and investors.
  5. Business Promotion through PSEB IT portal
  6. Enhance credibility in the IT Market.
  7. Tax exemption on IT exports services from Pakistan according to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. (currently till June 2025)
  8. Repatriation of profits is permitted
  9. Call Centers are legalized based on PSEB registration.
  10. Free workshops on multiple business segments members
  11. Quality bandwidth services at competitive rates.
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Process

IT Company Registration with PSEB is optional. However, to get the exclusive benefits for PSEB membership every IT company should get the membership of the Pakistan Software Export Board. Call Centers in Pakistan cannot legally operate without the registration of PSEB therefore call centers Registration is mandatory for every Principle office and all the relevant branches interacting with principle place. Call center operating in Pakistan if not registered with PSEB is considered as illegal and legal proceedings are initiated by the PTA and FIA against them.

Step 1- Create your Login by Signup on PSEB website

Step 2- Fill out registration Application form and upload requisite documents and submit Application for primary approval 

Step 3- After getting primary PSEB approval, deposit PSEB registration fee, upload scan copy of registration charges, payment slip and submit your application for final approval.

Step 4- PSEB will verify the payment which normally takes about 2-5 working days. If payment is found successful then PSEB issue the certificate. In case of Call Center issue the provisional letter (valid for 60 days)

Step 5- Call Center registration confirm after physical verification and site inspection of Business premises by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) team.

List of Documents Required for Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration
(IT Company & Call Center)

  1. Company / Business NTN issued by FBR
  2. CNIC of all Directors (Company)/ Partners (Firm)/ Proprietor (Proprietorship Business)
  3. Passport copy of Directors (Company)/ Partners (Firm) (In the case of foreign nationals only)
  4. Attested copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (for SECP registered companies only)
  5. Attested copy of Form-II (SECP registered Companies only)
  6. Attested copy of Form 29 (for SECP registered companies only)
  7. Attested copy of Incorporation certificate (for SECP registered companies only)
  8. Attested copy of Partnership deed (for Partnership based firms)
  9. Attested copy of Firm registration certificate Form-C (for registered firms)
  10. Business Bank Statement of the last six months or Business Bank Account maintenance Letter/Certificate (In case of New Company or Call Center account)
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Charges  – IT Company

For Starts up only (Started with within one year) = Rs. 5,000/-

For companies already working from more than one year = Rs. 10,000/-

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Charges Call Center

Annual registration fee for Principal office = Rs. 20,000/-

Annual registration fee or Renewal for every branch associated (if any) = Rs. 10,000/-

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