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TAX CARE is specialised in Taxation law and established in 2007 having multiple discipline clients which consisting offshore and domestic Business entities, Non Profit Organizations and individuals from different sectors of the economy. For getting advance level and prominent position in the business community our focus is always on innovative and distinguish solution to our prestige clients because we are always ready to deal complicated atmosphere which is arising day by day  in commercial atmosphere. Our Professionals have cast experience in Taxation to meet the current challenges which are coming due to change of laws and policies of Government.

Our Professionals are well aware and understand the Clients requirements which are changing on daily basis due to changing in Commercial Business environment and they feel reliability and confidence in our expertise in Taxation. We everyday understand our Clients Business deeply and absorbed the changes which are coming day by day in their operations. This approach delivers us to get best possible solutions in all aspects of business hurdles. Our Practice pattern is unique under which we keeps us to focus on importance of our clients.

Tax Care Attorneys are regularly handling most of the difficult transactions arising in the Commercial atmosphere due to drastic changing atmospheres in Economy of Pakistan. We are always devoted to present our best possible professional services in the field of Business, Taxation, Trademark and Copyright Registration alongwith Appeals and Litigation in different Departments.

We always contribute towards the growth and development of our Clients. Further we strengthen them for future opportunities, facing challenges and obstacles in bad economic conditions and trade cycles. We always in commitment with our clients to provide creative, within time limit and practical solution under which they feel comfortable because Tax Care is their Partner.

Our Mission Statement

We always try to maintain our commitment towards professionalism which makes our relation strong with our prestige clients. We attempt to aware and understand our client’s business condition and continuously provide highest quality information, services, and products to help them in reaching their goals.

Our goal is to get minimize tax burdens and helping clients to accelerate their business even in bad economic conditions. We do analyze and measure our Client progress and Plan strategically.

We are committed in serving and representing our client in the best efficient environment which allow them to learn what they can do to get best possible results which maintain their business commitment in bad working conditions as well. We are looking forward to build strong relationship with our clients by helping them to stay on right direction. We will enthusiastically represent our client before Commissioner Appeal, Tribunal, High court, Supreme Court or in any matter with the FBR in all areas of Notice, audit, rectification, Appeals and Litigation.

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