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Manufacturing is the production of goods on a larger or smaller scale in which raw material shifted into finished products by passing on different processes. Pakistan is one of the best manufacturing industries around the world according to its production in Agriculture, Textile and Apparel sectors. This is all because of raw material and labor availability.

Incentives in shape of Income Tax exemption has been granted for five years by Government for industrial undertakings set up for manufacturing of equipment used in the generation of renewable energy if the same is set up between 01-03-2019 and 30-June-2023. Further Sales Tax exemption on plant and machinery to Greenfield industries is also proposed to be given to encourage investors in manufacturing concern.

Manufactuing/Industry Registration in Lahore

Registration Process of Manufacturing Business/Industry/Company

Registration Process of manufacturing Company is quite simple as other companies get registered. Businesspeople have the option to choose the business category in which they wish to get their Business registered. Following are the choice on from which selection is been made;


Proprietorship business is owned by a single Person in which there is no legal and financial distinction is being found between the owner and its business. This type of activity can start by taking business NTN and Sales Tax Registration of Manufacturing category.

AOP/ Partnership Firm

Partnership Firm is registered under the Partnership Act 1932 under which two members are compulsory for its registration. In Partnership Firm Business, Financial and legal responsibilities are equally divided between the Partners.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a new concept introduced in Pakistan by SECP in which Partners have limited liability which means one Partner is not responsible for other partner’s defaults or carelessness. This concept is normally different from the traditional type of Partnership Firm which is formed under Partnership Act 1932.

Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is incorporated under the Companies Act 2017 having a minimum of 2 members. Liability of the members is limited to the extent of their shares in Company.

NTN and Sales Tax Registration of Manufacturing Industry

For NTN registration of Manufacturing Business Proprietor and in case of Firm/Company one of the Partner/ Member will present Income Tax Authorities by completing the list of requisite documents;

  • NTN Registration Form (TRF-01 Form)
  • Letter of Authority in favour one Partner/Member who will be Principle Partner/Member declared by other Partners/Members. In case of Proprietorship Business no such requirement is needed.
  • Original CNIC of Proprietor/ Partner/Member representing the Business.
  • Business Email for NTN which is never been used before in any other NTN.
  • Mobile Number of Proprietor/Partner/Member not been used before in any other NTN
  • Business Premises Title/ownership Documents or Tenancy/Lease/Rent Agreement along with Owner/ Landlord CNIC Copy
  • Paid Electricity Bill (within last three month from the date of NTN Application)
  • Original Incorporation Certificate/Registration Certificate in case of Partnership Firm or Company
  • Original Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firm Registered under Partnership Act 1932
  • Certified True Copies of MOA (Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in case Company registered under SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • Certified Copy of Form –II (Application for Company Incorporation) in case of Company registered under SECP

Sales Tax Registration of Manufacturing Business/ Industry

In the case of Sales Tax Registration of the Manufacturing Business Proprietor and the example of Partnership Firm/ Company one of the Partner/Member will present as Principle Officer in Tax Office along with further additional documents;

  • Application for Sales Tax Registration
  • Original CNIC of Proprietor/ Partner/Member
  • Bank Maintenance Certificate of Manufacturing Business
  • Authority letter in favour of Principle Officer nominated by Partners/Members to precede Sales Tax Registration in FBR must be signed and thumbed by all the Partners/ Members.
  • In Case of Manufacturing Business Electricity utilisation requirements is minimum Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 70,000/- by Tax Authorities

Most popular manufacturing concepts/ideas in Pakistan under which businessmen can get multiple benefits are:

  • Manufacturing of Biodiesel Products
  • Household Gift Products
  • Food Processing Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of Luxury Candles
  • 3D Printer Manufacturing
  • Bio plastic Packaging Items
  • Production of Mattresses & baby Pillows
  • Manufacturing of Body Supplement and Furniture Preparing
  • Manufacturing of Stationery Items
  • Manufacturing of Sports Goods
  • Manufacturing of Bakery Items
  • Engineering Tools Manufacturing
  • Plastic PVC products, Hoses & Hose Fitting
  • Rubber & Rubber Products
  • Industrial Engineering Goods
  • Conveyers & Transmission Belts
  • Water Filter & Filtration Systems
  • Honey Processing Industry
  • Production of Fruits Jam
  • Jelly & Pickles
  • Manufacturing of Plastic bottles
  • Eye Glass and Frames Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of Lather related Products
  • Production of Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Incense Sticks Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of Organic Soap and Detergents
  • Face, Hair and Beauty products
  • Manufacturing of Handmade Candies and Biscuit
  • Manufacturing of Children Toys
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Shoe Production
  • Electrical Fitting production
  • Artificial Jewellery making
  • Flour Production
  • Paint, Cement, Ceramic Tile, Concrete Block Manufacturing
  • Chemical Production
  • Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Wooden Products
  • Rice and Sugar Mill
  • Storage Tanks, Drums and Containers

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